"Good art can be seen anywhere. Great art can be felt ...even in braille."

Welcome and thank you so much for visiting my page. I truly appreciate this... 

I'm an artist residing in Canton, Ohio specializing in original pyrography techniques. 

I did attend Kent State University for a time and have some experience in working glass material, but I'm mainly self-taught.

My creations of color images by use of fire on wood, are original and is a technique that I've been practicing and developing for well over a decade now. I call it "Pyro-Chromatic Arts".

Raising the bar for Pyrography

“The technical term for what I do, would be pyro-chromatic art. My work is based out of pyrography, which is the fine art of woodburning. 

I draw out images on wood, then I use pyrography pens to burn the image into the wood. Next, I mix up pigments, acrylics and oils, and I mix them in a way that they become flammable. Once I get my colors positioned, I use a Bic lighter to set them a fire. 

The fire changes the hues, tones and textures of the images create.”

What supporters are saying

Your colors are so vivid and your work is so unique!!! 

I've never seen anything like it! 

The pictures don't do your work justice!

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